Clinics and Judging

Comprehensive Dressage Camps are offered periodically which include unmounted exercises, seat lessons, ride-a-test, discussions of training and judging, individual and group lessons. 

FEI trainer/instructor Pamela Goodrich teaches regular clinics at Walnut Creek Stables.  

Jennifer is available to travel for clinics or to judge schooling shows or ride-a-test. 

Contact Jennifer to be included on email list of upcoming events. 
Upcoming events will also be posted on Facebook.

Training and Instruction at Walnut Creek Stables

Jennifer Grant combines experience as a trainer, competitor, instructor and student to help you improve your partnership with your horse. A lifelong student of horses, Jennifer understands their behavior and offers practical solutions to a wide variety of challenges. Jennifer addresses the riders’ position and aids as well as the training issues of the horse, leaving each rider with a clear strategy for improvement. She utilizes comprehensible language, consistent with classical principles and proper biomechanics, making dressage accessible to riders of all levels. Her experience with a variety of breeds of horses and different levels of riders helps her address the unique needs of a great variety of students. Jennifer is also actively dedicated to furthering her own education assuring that her teaching never gets stale.

​​A range of packages are available including full training, partial training, weekly lessons and consignment.  Haul in lessons are always welcome.  School horses and seat lessons on the lunge line are also available

Walnut Creek is a state of the art facility which offers a full size indoor and 2 outdoor arenas with quality footing, immaculate and well ventilated barns, high quality feeds, ample grass turnout with safe fencing, schooling shows, trails, and full care board with a 24/7 on-site manager. Contact Jennifer for current pricing or to reserve a stall.