To provide an environment of

positive, fair and constructive attention to detail to develop harmonious partnerships between horses and riders.

Jennifer Grant

Jennifer has a real gift of being able to pinpoint the issues that need the most work and  offer solutions that work best with your horse's personality.  Her lessons push you to the next level because they are challenging without being over-complicated or frustrating.  After a lesson with Jennifer I feel confident about the things I need

to work on  and how I should

do it because she teaches

you how to progress with

your horse outside the

hour lesson. 

​Jenni Wright



​​​Outstanding. This is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Jennifer Grant. She is not only a phenomenal rider, but also an excellent teacher. Her teaching style is firm, but gentle, and she knows how to correct every problem that arises both on and off the horse. She approaches her career with bountiful love and enthusiasm. Even with a broken ankle she still showed up to my lesson with a cheerful  attitude, simply viewing her  crutches as an opportunity to work on spook prevention.

She once told me that there

aren't enough lifetimes

to learn everything there

is to know about dressage.

This may be true, but if 

anyone is close to reaching

that goal, it is Jennifer Grant. 

Kyra Chester-Paul

"Specializing in Exceptional"

Certified Instructor

Silver & Bronze Medalist


"Recognizing & developing exceptional individuals of all breeds"

Accordance Dressage

Jenn Grant is an intuitive instructor who has great insight, a full tool box and can find the perfect balance of pushing to help you progress but also understands the need to continually return to basics.  I met Jenn 7 years ago when I was dealing with fear issues after a bad fall.  Jenn acknowledged and addressed the fear and helped me to slowly regain my confidence.  I give Jenn full credit for allowing me to again find the joy and passion of riding. 

Jenn always exhibits the utmost compassion  and

sensitivity to both horse and rider. 

It is my privilege to be able

to ride with her.  

Jan Chambers

My mare Abby is 1/2 Friesian, 1/2 Oldenberg and 100% opinionated. It took 4 years and 2 trainers before I moved to Walnut Creek Stables and found a peaceful place.  I was intimidated by this pushy mare, but Jenn and Abby connected and got along great.  Jenn is able to understand that Abby is extremely sensitive and that pushing hard causes Abby to push back.  Jenn helped with her back problems, saddle fittings and eye injury.

But mostly she helped me to understand and begin to ride 

my horse, who I deeply love.

I am forever grateful for Jenn

Grant- her understanding,

hard work at strengthening

and building up my horse

as well as teaching me how to

ride in a most effectual way.

Finally I am finding joy in riding

again, only now to a much richer level.

Carol Arrom